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Ductless HVAC

Ductless AC and ductless heating are two popular alternatives to central air conditioning and heating systems. With a ductless mini-split system, you can save space, conserve energy, and fine-tune different areas of your home for the ultimate in comfort.

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Ductless Mini-Split Possibilities

At Pro Comfort Heating & Cooling, LLC , our expert technicians are as knowledgeable about ductless mini-split HVAC products as we are standard heating and cooling systems. If you’re curious about the benefits of ductless HVAC and wondering if it’s right for you, we can help you figure that out.

Benefits of Ductless HVAC

Lots of consumers love their ductless AC and ductless heating products for the benefits they provide. Here’s a look at some compelling reasons to consider going ductless.

  • A ductless mini-split heat pump or air conditioner is a great retrofit addition for homes without ductwork.                           

  • If you add on to your home but there is no new ductwork in place, you can still provide heating and cooling to your space using a mini-split system.                                                

  • Because mini-split systems use no ductwork, you don’t suffer the duct-related energy loss that is common with central heating and AC.

  • With a mini-split system, you can tailor the level of heating and cooling to various zones in your home. For example, you can minimize energy dollars spent on the guest room and maximize energy dollars spent on the family room.         

  • Installation is flexible because these units are fairly small. You can choose to wall mount your unit or suspend it from a ceiling.                                                                                       

  • Installation is easy. If you live in the vicinity of Waynesburg, PA, call Pro Comfort Heating & Cooling, LLC  to find out how quick and painless a ductless mini-split installation can be.

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Ductless HVAC products are economic and flexible. Call us at Pro Comfort Heating & Cooling, LLC  and we’ll help you determine if a ductless mini-split system is right for you.

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